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“Stan Switala was one of the most fierce competitors I have ever seen in my coaching career.  He wasn’t afraid of any hitter or any situation, which allowed him to have the success he did.  I know Stan will carry this attitude over to his teaching, with his genuine desire to make his players the best they can be.” Jake Boss Jr., Michigan State University Head Baseball Coach

“Stan Switala has a great passion for the game. He is a fierce competitor with great skills… a winning combination anywhere. I had the fortune of having Stan play for me during the 1997 season at Farmingdale Junior College. He led the team, with a MVP performance, to a regional playoff berth.  Stan was also selected as the top pitcher in the Northeast in 1997 as well as finishing second in the Nation in Strikeouts.  Years later, I was lucky enough to have him as my assistant coach.   I had enough confidence in his teaching skills, that I gave him the sole responsibility of working with the pitchers on improving their mechanics and with the entire team as their batting instructor. So why not let him teach your son?” Ken Rocco, Farmingdale JC Hall of Fame Head Baseball Coach (35 years as Head Coach).

“Coach Stan was the best! He was very informative and great for my 10 year old son. He learned more in an hour with Stan than years of practice with other coaches. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a coach!” Joanne W, Parent of Little Leaguer

“Coach Stan is an excellent baseball coach. Just in an hour session we were able to get a lot of swings in and really drill the fundaments of the swing. He pointed out some things for me to adjust upon and also he commended the things that I was doing correctly. My swing now feels looser and smoother after my first session with Coach Stan. I had a great session and I would recommend him for anyone!” Riley Q, Current College Baseball Player

“Coach Stan was so awesome, He built Justin’s confidence up in just a hour session, very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him for coaching anyone. Justin can’t wait for his next session with coach Stan!” Rafael M, Parent of Little Leaguer

“Before the summer began I was not going to play baseball and just concentrate on getting stronger before next season. Thankfully, I was contacted by Coach Stan Switala. Turns out that Coach Stan was one of the best coaches I would have the privilege to play for. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the game, but he also is one of the most competitive coaches you will ever meet. If you work hard for him he will do everything he can for you as a player. Coach Stan has excellent connections and his opinion is trusted by coaches all over the country.  One of the best things about Coach is he will never mislead you as a player and always builds the strongest team out there. I could never repay Coach Stan for making me the player I am now in the amount of time I played for him. If you want to get better over the summer and be a part of a strong winning team then playing for Coach Stan is the best decision you could make”. Matt Arruda, Texas A&M International University Baseball Player

“I played with Stan at Eastern Michigan University and he was also a very intense and passionate player that never settled for second best. He is now dedicated to bringing out these characteristics in his clients. That is why his clients will become competitors.”  Dan Hyott, Former Eastern Michigan University teammate and former PRO with Kalamazoo Kings.

“As a college coach, I greatly appreciate and respect the credibility Coach Switala brings to the recruiting process.  His extensive baseball background coupled with his commitment to develop young players makes him a key connection in Northern California. I know I can contact Stan at any time to assess player talent in his area.  ” Mike Laird, William Penn University Head Baseball Coach

“When I first joined Top Speed I did not know what I was getting into. I soon learned that Coach Switala and his team was the best thing I have done in my baseball career! He coaches with great knowledge and respect for the game. He will improve your game physically and mentally. I would not have the success I have today with out him. He has the tools and connections to get you to the next level if your willing to put in the time and work. Im living proof; he helped me with my swing and got me a baseball scholarship in a matter of days to William Penn University. If you are looking to better yourself and take your game to the next level Coach Switala and his team is the best thing for you!” Randall Packard, William Penn University Baseball Player

Wow, where to begin. Playing for Coach Switala and Top Speed Baseball has truly been the best move I have ever made. Coach Switala has a reputation for being a no-nonsense kind of guy. He deals only with those who are driven to push themselves to be the best they can be, and those who strive to move onto the next level in their baseball career. Coach Switala was aware of the obstacles that were standing before of me, but because he had the confidence and faith in my abilities, he made that obstacle look like a small bump in the road. He found a home for me to play ball with an athletic scholarship at Friends University in Wichita, Kansas. The one thing that all of us want, is to play college ball. To put it plain and simple, Coach Switala got me there. Now it is up to me to take it to the next level. The beauty in all of this is that it is a win-win situation. I received a scholarship to play ball, and I also get a great education at the same time. Coach Switala possess the qualities and the type of character I strive to emulate. Someone said “OPPORTUNITY ALWAYS INVOLVES SOME RISK. YOU CAN’T STEAL SECOND BASE AND KEEP YOUR FOOT ON FIRST.” I will always be thankful and appreciative. Thanks Coach for everything. Domenick Romero, Friends University Baseball Player.

“Playing for Top Speed Baseball and Coach Stan was the best decision I as a player have ever made. Playing at a high level of baseball everyday and being coach by the best in the business only helped me improve my game. After only knowing coach Stan for just a few minutes while on the phone I knew the man was a coach who wanted to win but also knew how to win. His winning attitude was what gave me the confidence to excel at my highest level when it came to playing in big games Playing with this type of attitude and the help of coach Stan was what help me get a scholarship to my current school. This was only made possible through Top Speed Baseball and Coach Stan. He will always be someone I can talk to about anything whether it be baseball or life. I will always be in debt to coach Stan for the help and coaching I received.” Will Wurth, Texas A&M International University Baseball Player 

“The summer of 2010 was a summer that would prove to be one that would change my life forever. Coach Switala asked me to join Top Speed Baseball 15 games into their season, saying yes and playing that summer was the best decision I could have ever made. Coach Stan opened more doors in a few months that would change my entire life. I had no idea where I was going to go to college after playing baseball at the local JC. Thanks to him I now have an Athletic Scholarship to William Penn University to play baseball. Coach Stan has done so much for me and my family. He is a great coach and great mentor. Thank You Coach Stan and Thank You “Top Speed Baseball” for changing my life forever.” Michael Crandell, William Penn University Baseball Player  

“Coach Switala has immensely impacted my life on and off the field. While he has spent countless hours sharing his knowledge of the game with me, he has also taught me commitment, discipline, and hard work. He has helped me with my swing and also with my arm strength. I am currently attending William Penn University on an Athletic Scholarship thanks to Coach Switala. Because of him, I am now in a great position to continue my baseball career, as well as receive a great education.” Brad Chin, William Penn University Baseball Player

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